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For more testimonials, read the Best Year Yet® case studies.

” Edward helped us design and build a new clinically integrated regional network of like-minded hospitals and physicians focused on taking full taking responsibility for specific population groups. He helped us negotiate through the difficult discussions of whether and how we should begin experimenting with new models of care leading to our successful Medicare Shared Savings Program.”

– Dr. George Beauregard, and
SVP and Chief Clinical Officer,
Harrisburg, PA

” Edward and his team helped our new partnership of two hospitals systems and 5 medical groups design, organize and obtain approval for River Health ACO. At 41,000 lives, it will be one of the country’s largest CMS approved ACOs. His team also helped create and execute an implementation plan that will allow us to go-live on January 1, 2014. His in depth knowledge of the industry combined his unique ability to help us successfully tackle new challenges was critical to our success.”

– Jeanne O’Brien,
Vice President for Accountable Care,
River Health ACO, LLC,
Harrisburg, PA

” Edward has helped us make and implement the big tough strategic choices that are critical to our success. He has helped us reach consensus among executive leadership, physician leaders and our board about our strategic plan, our relationships with other providers, the development of a regional network and the establishment of a regional accountable care organization. He keeps us on track and forces us to make the hard calls.”

– Phil Guarneschelli,
SVP and COO PinnacleHealth,
Harrisburg, PA

” Edward and his team helped us develop a realistic all payer accountable care strategy and a detailed roadmap to implement our plan. The plan defined a workable care delivery model and the needed competencies, capabilities, relationships, infrastructure, technology and organizational arrangements for implementation.”

– Denise R. Williams
Executive Vice President
Grady Health System
Atlanta, GA

” Edward helped us quickly develop and begin execution of a strategic plan that will put us in a leadership position in a greatly expanded market. Our strategy incorporates market leadership in the transition toward accountable care while ensuring we are operating successfully in the current reimbursement system.”

– Christopher Markley
SVP and General Counsel
Pinnacle Health System
Harrisburg, PA

” Everyone plans. Winners execute. We used Best Year Yet to create and successfully execute our annual operating plan. Our focused attention, prompted by the Best Year Yet program and Edward’s facilitation helped us exceed expectations.”

– Mike Young
Chief Executive Officer
Grady Health System
Atlanta, GA

We deployed Best Year Yet to help us create an executable plan for our multi-unit hospital system. During the 2 years that we used this program to manage our organization’s system wide activity, we met and exceeded all of our goals. This powerful tool and Edward’s guidance helped focus our executive leadership team and the balance of our organization on the few actions that we critical to our success.

– John C. Buckley, Jr.
President and Chief executive Officer (retired)
St. Joseph Health System
Bryan, TX

I had the privilege of working with Edward Hindin for the better part of a year as my personal coach. Edward has that unique ability to rise above the “weeds” of ones’s daily work and ask the tough questions that are necessary in order to achieve transformative change. And it worked! My work with Edward has had a profound impact on my career development and has set me up — better than anything I have done to date – on a clear path to achieve my highest career aspirations.

We liked him so much we asked him help us with focus our strategic planning process with equally beneficial results. He helped us create a clear framework and story line that made our strategy clear, compelling and easily understood by our Board, senior management, medial staff leadership and our employees.”

– Douglas S. Brown
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
UMass Memorial Health Care, Inc.
Worcester, MA

“We engaged Hindin Healthcare Advisors to help us define and test our strategy. He used his broad industry experience to help us paint a compelling picture of the future, define the options available to us and make the choices necessary to pursue our vision”

– Brian Gragnolati
President and CEO
Suburban Hospital and Healthcare System
Bethesda, MD

“We call HHA for the hard questions. HHA creates workable solutions to complex challenges we can’t solve ourselves.”

– Thomas C. Paisley, Jr.
Interim CEO,
Lancaster General,
Lancaster, PA

“The time spent with the professionals of Hindin Healthcare Advisors … was extremely valuable. It challenged our leadership to look beyond the day-to-day pressures and get clear on whether or not the organization is focused on the actions that are our long-term success. It was amazing to see the power and simplicity when we were skillfully walked through the probing process. It helped identify some gaps and potential adjustments we need to make to ensure success.”

– Craig Broman
St.  Cloud Hospital
St.  Cloud, MN

“HHA was engaged to identify and clarify complex technology and leadership issues and to develop a plan to resolve them. Edward also acted as a sounding board for me and other physician leaders.

A measure of HHA’s efforts has been the recognition by Health Grades of The Heart Center as the top provider of cardiovascular care in our market.”

– Richard I. Fogel, M.D.
Chairman of the Board,
The Heart Center of Indiana,
Indianapolis, IN

“We use HHA when we have tough issues that create significant conflict or differences in point of view that stop our momentum.  We had a big gap in compensation expectations in our large medical group that prevented us from moving forward on a number of important initiatives. They listened carefully and objectively, accurately diagnosed the problem and recommended a solution that removed the stumbling block. We are now moving forward in addressing the important matters in a focus way.”

-Jerome I. Gottlieb, M.D.
COO and V.P.
Lancaster, PA

“HHA presents ideas that are timely, thorough and helpful. What I particularly noticed is that they understand operations, as well as the marketplace, so we were able to explore real options, not just some theoretical ideas or trends that are far divorced from reality. I also appreciated the fact that Mr. Hindin sought out opportunities to be involved with physicians and Board members so there was broad support to the action plan that was agreed upon. I would certainly recommend HHA to colleagues who want to focus their organizations on the actions that will make a difference.”

– Richard Ketcham
President & Chief Executive Officer
Brooks Memorial Hospital
Dunkirk, NY

“Your work with me has helped me recognize, prepare for and hold an important
conversation with a colleague critical to the success of our venture.”

– Arnold Kimmel
Former CEO,
Supply Chain Management,
Ascension Health,
St. Louis, MO

“Your work with our team at St. Anthony Hospital helped our senior management group understand more fully what to expect from one another in terms of accountability and response times. As a result, we have become more effective as a team and better able to achieve our objectives.”

– Gwen Rausch, COO,
St. Anthony Hospital,
Chicago, IL

“We were setting out on such an audacious expedition that I knew it would take a tightly run ship to make it work. We needed a focus and plan or we’d never make it. Using Best Year Yet together
helped us do exactly that. The results we achieved were truly incredible.”

– Erik Weihenmayer,
the first blind climber to scale Mount Everest

For more testimonials, read the Best Year Yet® case studies.