How We Work

We believe that Focus + Execution + Leadership = Sustainable Results.

If that isn’t the way your organization works, we can help you get there.

You are a successful leader who wants to push your organization to higher levels of performance. We help you focus to link strategy,  execution and leadership skills to produce specific, measurable, timely and sustainable results.

We work with:

  • Boards of Directors
  • Executive Decision Makers
  • Senior Management Teams
  • Physician Leaders
  • Planning and/or Business Development Committees and Task Forces
  • Product/Service Development Teams

We help organizations in 7 major areas:

You get experienced and objective peer-level advisors, as well as a safe and confidential sounding board. We will help you identify and alter beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that prevent your organization from recognizing and seizing opportunities.

1. Strategy, Tactics and Plans that meet your Business Challenges

We facilitate the Strategic Thinking required to navigate through industry change.

We modify your existing strategies or create new ones to achieve specific results, yielding greater returns on strategic investments.

We design simple, but powerful planning processes that consistently achieve required results.

We help you:

  • Define and achieve a sustainable position in the post reform world
  • Establish and maintain focus on the few critical actions that matter to you, your organization and the people you serve.
  • Tightly link strategy and execution
  • Maximize returns on strategic investments by linking actions to results

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2. Accountable Care/Coordinated Care Solutions that transform Care Delivery

We help you and your physicians Transform your care delivery model.

  • Evaluate your challenges and options
  • Define your payer and population health strategies
  • Design your desired care delivery model and organization
  • Identify care coordination and care management infrastructure requirement.
  • Identify Gaps
  • Prepare MSSP applications
  • Create Roadmaps to implement your design.
  • Execute your plan.

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3. Execute: Achieving your Targets

We create and execute team-based implementation services using the proven Best Year Yet® system.

We help you:

  • Define desired outcomes in measurable terms
  • Identify specific actions, resources, contingencies and progress markers
  • Create behaviors, routines and relationships required for successful execution
  • Track progress using online tools, which allow celebration of success and swift course correction
  • Establish individual and team accountability for results
  • Improve and reinforce the ability to create and execute

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4. Enhance the Performance of Leaders: Producing Results

Executive coaching for leaders and their leadership team will improve your organization’s performance.

We help you:

  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Improve team-based planning and execution
  • Create a culture that produces results

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5. Managing Change

Effective communication of the purpose, expected outcomes, and the expected challenges facilitates major change.

We help you:

  • Recognize personal, professional and organizational challenges and opportunities
  • Identify and remove obstacles to completing important initiatives
  • Change attitudes and actions that limit performance
  • Communicate to and motivate all stakeholders

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6. Resolution of Business Challenges

You get independent and objective situation-specific assessments. These analyses help you achieve specific market, business or relationship objectives or solve specific business problems.

We help you:

  • Specify required objectives
  • Identify obstacles to success
  • Build an action plan to achieve desired results
  • Execute your plan

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7. Facilitation

We provide objective, experienced and skilled facilitation of meetings and discussions aimed at achieving specific outcomes and alignment among important stakeholders including Board members, physicians, employees and potential affiliation partners.

We help you:

  • Specify desired outcomes
  • Identify issues to be resolved
  • Create an agenda for resolution
  • Build an action plan to achieve desired results

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