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December 2016
“Be ADEPT At Navigating Through The Next Wave of Healthcare Reform”

December 2016
“Likely Policy Changes and Implications for Providers”

June 2016  “APMs: Four Factors to Evaluate”

July/August 2015  “Continuous Right-Sizing: An Important Bridge Strategy”

April 2015
“EARLY DETECTION Must be a Top Priority”

January 2015 “Five Recommendations for Population Health Leaders”

October 2014 “New Rules,   New Roles,   New Actions For Sustainability”

May 2014 “Do You Have A Bridge Strategy for Transitioning to a Value Based System?”

December 2013 “River Health ACO”

September 2013 “If You Assume Risk You Will Need To Manage Demand And Variation”

July 2013 “The New Health Insurance Marketplace: Educate and Engage Your Uninsured Patients”

July 2012 “Are You Building A Sustainable Future Post-SCOTUS?”

May 2012 “Complex Cases Can Swiftly Wipe Out Your Shared Savings Opportunities….”

March 2012 “Not a Pioneer But Recognize New Market Requirements”

March 2011 “A Competitive Opportunity Or Revenue Reduction Risk”

March 2011 “Becoming Masters At Producing Results”

January 2011 “Accelerating Change Requires Courage”

November 2010 “The New Imperative: Do More With Less”

July 2010“Who’s accountable when hospitals fail” – Crain’s New York Business

Spring 2010 “The Game Has Changed”

Winter 2010 “Choose the Right Planning Tools”

September 2009 “Act Boldly in The Face of Uncertainty”

June 2009 A Growth Strategy for Tough Times: Look For “Headroom”

Spring 2009 “The Leaders Dilemma: Act Boldly, Preserve Your Position, or Do Both?”

Winter 2009 “Physician Alignment is Not an Option”

November 2008 “Assumptions Drive Strategy and Success – Be Very Careful!

June 2007 “Narrow Your Organization’s focus to Create Competitive Advantage”

March 2007 “Integrating Innovation into your Business Strategies

October 2006 “Leadership Actions required to achieve your vision”

August 2006 “What can you learn from GE’s change in direction.”

June 2006 “Applying Leadership Levers to Accelerate Change”

April 2006 “Managing Change Isn’t Enough”

February 2006 ” Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage”

January 2006 “Focus+Execution+Leadership=Results”



“Continuous Right-Sizing: An Important Bridge Strategy”
for SHSMD SPECTRUM July/August 2015

“Who’s accountable when hospitals fail”
Crain’s New York Business 7/12/10

“Leadership is Key in Sustaining Change” Healthleaders 10/19/07

Narrow Your Organization’s Focus to Create Competitive Advantage
for SHSMD SPECTRUM May/June 2007

Learning From Market Leaders: Questions to Ask and Rules to Followfor HealthLeaders News

“Focus on Strategic Performance To Achieve Competitive Advantage” (PDF) for HealthLeaders News

“Achieve Competitive Advantage” (PDF)

Executive Leadership

“The Benefits of Executive Coaching – ACHE CEO News Fall 2007”

“Thriving in a Dynamic Market” (PDF)

“Succession Management – A CEO’s View” (PDF)

“Behavioral Competencies for Health Care Leaders” (PDF)

Effective Teams

“Effective Teams: The Real-World Competitive Advantage (PDF)


7  Steps to consider in Transition Management Planning to consider in Transition Management Planning

The Three Phases of Transition

Value Disciplines Worksheets

  • key attributes for the three value disciplines
  • the characteristics of the operating model for each value discipline

Customer Intimate Value Disciplines Worksheets for a healthcare system.

4 Steps to create a sustainable Market Leadership position

Rate your Organization’s Performance Capacity in Four Key Areas.

“Five Steps to Capture Your Performance Premium” — see how you can improve your ability to execute.

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