Rate Yourself

Rate yourself and your organization on these four key areas:

1. Do we have a clear strategy and execution plan?

  • Have we communicated it thoroughly to all employees and stake holders?
  • Do they get it? And do they know their part?
  • Are the accountabilities clear so everyone knows who is on the hook
    for what? If you ask them what will they say?

2. Are our executive team,  medical staff leaders and Board leaders aligned
around our top few critical initiatives?

  • Have we eliminated all silo’d thinking and personal agendas?
  • Are we striving to deliver on a shared set of goals and clear outcomes?

3. Are we results focused or only focused on the bottom-line?

  • Do we measure and monitor performance throughout the organization
    each and every month to ensure progress?
  • Do we have a culture of performance not excuses?

4. Do we have a clear way of recognizing gaps between strategy and performance?

  • Do we react quickly as gaps emerge?
  • Do we resolve the performance problem or lower our expectations?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, site you should have
a brief 20-minute conversation with Edward Hindin to create an approach
for producing the results you need. High performing teams produce results
in a way that promotes the health of the organization and the team.
Call us or email us at ehindin@hhadvisors.com.