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"It ain't where the puck is,
it's where the puck will be ."

- Wayne Gretzky

  Case Studies



HHA is often called on to resolve complex situations involving multiple parties and requiring an objective perspective, innovative strategies and a focus on producing results. We do this in 3 areas: Strategy/Execution, Executive Leadership and Team-Based Services That Produce Results. These case studies demonstrate how we have helped our clients identify and achieve specific, measurable goals:


Executive Leadership

HHA partners with MEDI, a healthcare-specific Executive Coaching organization that works with successful Healthcare Executives who want to achieve the highest level of performance for themselves, their organizations and the people they serve.

  1. Executive Team Needs Effective Teamwork to Succeed in a Tough Market (PDF)
  2. Lessons for Leaders - A Coaching Story

Follow this link to see the 50+ organizations we have worked with to improve executive and team performance using MEDI's unique healthcare focus and proprietary approach.

Team-Based Services That Produce Results
We create and execute team-based services using the proven Best Year Yet® system. Best Year Yet® is a strategic planning and execution process that for over 25 years has been helping companies all over the world produce results. BYY focuses on delivering the team's most important objectives for the coming year.

These case studies illustrate the dramatic results that can be achieved with focus and alignment:

  1. Setting Records on Everest (PDF)
    Getting blind climber, Eric Weihenmayer, to the top of Everest with a group of climbers who had never worked together and were used to doing things their own way.
  2. Losing Over $1Million a Month (PDF)
    Story of a factory in chaos. How a new General Manager and his team convinced the revolutionary shop floor staff to turn the machines back on.
  3. Growing Pains Lead to Financial Challenges (PDF)
    One of the largest parking and transportation corporations in the US expanded quickly and then faced a significant lack of alignment and momentum.
  4. Working with a Dinosaur Parent Company (PDF)
    How building a strong team with a commitment to do the right thing generates the performance culture to deliver a $165 million turnaround.
  5. Outsourcing Threatens a Division of 3,000 (PDF)
    What a challenged team did to change the mind of the parent company about outsourcing and downsizing.
  6. Dysfunctional Team Lacks Confidence to Deliver (PDF)
    A marketing team in Russia, part of an international food giant, learns to build a team based on accountability, alignment and responsibility.
  7. Frozen Into Inaction (PDF)
    How the subsidiary of one of the world's largest search companies moved from arguments to accountability and their best performance ever.
  8. Motivating a Last Place Sales Team (PDF)
    A new Regional Sales Director of one of the largest UK financial service companies inspires the team who were achieving less than 60% on their sales targets.
  9. Bringing Together a Non-Profit (PDF)
    Giving each board member a voice in a way that improved communication and alignment resulted in raising more money than ever before.

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