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About Edward M. Hindin

Edward M. Hindin,  HHA’s founder and leader, is an accomplished senior healthcare
industry executive, consultant and executive coach. His primary focus is
assisting leaders of health delivery systems identify and execute the critical
actions that matter and produce sustainable results.

He has worked as an executive, consultant and coach with individuals and
teams in community hospitals, tertiary centers, academic medical centers,
local, regional and national multi-hospital systems, trade groups and alliances,
physician organizations, health insurance companies, and vendors.

In addition to his work with HHA, Mr. Hindin helps organizations and executives
achieve record results.

Mr. Hindin has been:

  • CEO of VHA – Metro NY, a regional alliance of hospitals and health systems;
  • A leader in the formation of a multi-hospital system that included three
    hospitals, a nursing home, physician practices, an HMO and a diversified
    services company;
  • A chief planning officer for a number of hospitals;
  • A member of senior management in a number of hospitals;
  • A developer of ambulatory healthcare businesses;
  • A business development executive for Siemens Medical Solutions, an international technology company;
  • A Mercer Consulting and Tiber Group partner focused healthcare related companies;
  • A Board member of Chicago Coach Federation.


Edward holds a Master of City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University.
He has completed certification in Coaching and Organizational Learning
from the Newfield Network, an accredited member of the International
Coach Federation.

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Our Values

What drives us?

We put our clients first. We put
our client’s interests first-always. We do our best work for each engagement
and for each client.

We believe mission matters; mission support
requires investment.
Your work is important. We know our clients
must produce profits to enable them to re-invest in themselves, their
employees and the people they serve.

We believe people make things happen. Providing
tools and techniques to help people work more effectively-individually
and in teams-and opportunities to learn, grow and develop ignites an
organization’s performance..

We have the courage to tell the truth. We
tell the truth, no matter how difficult-always.

We embrace change. Change should
be expected and welcomed despite the uncertainty it creates. If you are
not satisfied with the results you are getting, you have to do something
different. But change is hard for almost everyone.

Integrity. We are committed to
doing what’s right and doing it well-always.

Our Approach

What’s it like to work with us?

We are Flexible. Each client is different.
We design each project to meet your needs with the least amount of friction.
We always adjust our services to your situation.

We are Responsive. We keep our promises.
We communicate regularly. We answer calls and email promptly.

We are practical entrepreneurs. We
love to find new ways to meet client needs, but we appreciate that the solutions
must be practical to be effective and sustainable.

We transfer knowledge and skills.We
leave clients better able to continue their work without us. We know we
will find new clients and new work.

We ask for testimonials. We want
every client to become raving fans.

We work hard and like to have fun. Our
clients do serious work. So do we. Who says we can’t have some fun doing
what we do?

What’s Unique About Us?

We are seasoned professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and a
history of producing sustainable practical results for our clients.

We deal with the hard problems that typically require interaction at
all levels of the organization, from Boards of Directors through front-line
staff. We understand and work successfully with physicians. People we
work with trust us.

We have made and learned from more mistakes than most of our clients.

Our personal histories of change, renewal, tenacity, curiosity and entrepreneurial
drive have taught us how to see things through.

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